• About The Course
    • Rick Fleming, founder of the Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort, started with a farm house on the shores of Calabogie Lake and a dream to build a playground community everyone will enjoy. His love of the land and the history it holds tells a story of something special people can enjoy for years to come.

    • Course History
    • Rick Fleming and his family called the rolling hills of Calabogie home. His father, a retired military man, bought the property in 1949. It was used as a cattle farm.The land was turned over to Rick when he was 18. He had 190 head of cattle grazing the fields. Other than cattle and farm workers, Rick and his family were the only ones able to appreciate the beauty of this property.

      One day a golf course designer happened by the farm and asked Rick to take him for a tour of the property. He was taken back by the layout of the land and the scenery and said, "this should be a golf course!." He couldn't say enough stating, "it would be an incredible place to build a course where people could enjoy not only the golf but the incredible surrounding views." Young Rick continued his farming but always remembered the words of the golf course designer and the his vision.

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