• What is your rain check policy?

        Should you pay green fees and get rained out during your round, the Pro Shop will issue you a "Free Rain Check Green Fee Pass" to come back and play another day.

      • What payment methods do you accept?

        Cash, Debit Card, Visa & MasterCard

      • Are there discounts for same day second rounds?

        Yes. We encourage second rounds. Your golf is free. The only charge is for the power cart.

      • Can more than four people play in a group?

        When the course is busy, the maximum number of players per group is four. If the course is not busy, there can be more than four in a group provided before teeing off, the group has notified the Pro Shop of the group size and the Pro Shop has given permission to exceed four in a group. If other players catch up to an oversize group the oversize group must allow the faster players to go through. 

      • Does the Highlands Golf Resort have a dress code?

        Yes. Both men and women must wear proper golf attire while on the course property. Tank tops and short-shorts are not accepted.  

      • If I stay in your resort, can I bring my own alcoholic beverages onto the course?

        We adhere to strict laws given to us by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. The only alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages allowed on the course are those sold by the dining lounge, beverage cart staff and Pro Shop. Drink coolers & alcoholic beverages from home are not allowed on the course and may be confiscated by the marshals.

      • Are children allowed at the resort?

        Absolutely. Children are welcome. We do advise that parents or guardians are responsible for their children when around the water or near the roads or when on the golf course.

      • If I golf but do not stay over may I use your waterfront facilities?

        Yes. All guests of the golf resort may use the waterfront facilities. If you arrive by boat, call our Pro Shop and we will have a golf cart meet you at the dock.