Relaxing Massage

To complement your stay at the Highlands, we recommend a massage by Susan Veale, owner of Wellness Natural Health Centre. Susan’s clinic is a short 10-minute drive from the golf course. Massage therapy is by appointment only. In her Body Work’s Program, Susan offers three healing massage therapies: a Swedish Massage, a Deep Tissue Massage and a Hot Stone Massage.

All of the massage experiences include the mild general healing comfort of the Amethyst BioMat.  Rows of amethyst crystals fill the length of the massage table, which are then infused with Far Infrared light and enhanced by variable heat settings to create an incredibly relaxing and unique healing experience.

Swedish Massage

This is the perfect balance between muscle toning and total relaxation. The numerous benefits, such as muscle tension relief, improved circulation, and reduced side effects of stress, leave the body feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. Using gentle to medium pressure, each kneading and stretching motion is adapted to your needs and is used specifically to warm your muscles and loosen your joints. This massage is one of the most popular in the Western world and most perfect after a day on the golf course, trails, track, or water.

60 Minutes $90 + hst

90 Minutes $125 + hst

Deep Tissue Massage

If you suffering from persistent or recurring muscle pain due to poor posture, daily stress, or physical activity, this specialized massage uses a technique that targets deep muscle layers and is particularly effective in releasing chronic tension in contracted muscles. The techniques used in this massage are based in the fingers, the elbows, and forearms, encouraging deep tissue work. Both your precise problem area as well as the surrounding areas are prioritized during the massage.  Great for soft tissue bunching from injury or surgery.

60 Minutes $90 + hst

90 Minutes $125 + hst

Hot Stone Massage

This massage combines a firm touch with the gentleness of warm volcanic stones. The stones are warmed in hot water then placed on key points of the body to warm them. Other stones are used with oil to perform the massage, relieving muscles all over the body. The effect is soothing and releases tension in the nerve endings. The massage movements are fluid and slow leading to one of the most profound feelings of relaxation. Tired after a day of play or just need a release from a hectic life, give this a try!

60 Minutes $110 + hst

90 Minutes $145 + hst

Announcement: Due to COVID-19 distancing rules, regulations and restrictions, we are limiting our massage facility to local clientele only.