On Course Policies

As generations change, the game of golf changes. Casual and comfort replace formal attire. 2020 brought in a new global standard for rules and handicaps. One element that never changes is golf etiquette where politeness, respect and honesty still prevail. Golf Canada has developed an “Easy Guide”, a suggested read for all golfers wanting to know more about the etiquette and rules of the game. At the Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort, everyone is welcome and we ask that our policies are followed so that everyone may have a pleasurable experience on and off the golf course.

Dress Code Policy:

By following the Golf Canada dress code policy, the Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort expects all members, guests and green fee players to understand and comply with our dress code policy. Golfers not adhering to our dress code policy will be asked to change into proper attire or leave the course. Course marshals and club staff have the right to enforce this policy. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests wear appropriate attire.

Gentlemen Wear: Shirts with a collar, tucked in, turtleneck or mock turtleneck, long or short sleeves, shorts or long pants.

Not Permitted: Sleeveless shirts, jeans, rugby pants, track pants, pants or shorts with external pockets. No bare feet.

Ladies Wear: Shirts with a collar or sleeves or sleeveless designed to be worn over slacks, shorts, skirts or skorts.

Not Permitted: Bare midriffs, tank tops and open cleavage. No bare feet.

Playing Music:

Low volume personal music is acceptable on the course provided it does not disturb other players in close proximity to the music source. If the music volume directly or carried by the wind is deemed too loud, other players, course marshals and course staff have the right to ask the music to be turned down or off. Players not complying with this request may be asked to leave the course without a refund of the green fee.

Alcohol and Cannabis Policy:

Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort, (CHGR), is shared by many people and the rights of its patrons must be respected at all times. When it comes to alcohol consumption and/or cannabis use and/or driving a power cart under the influence, enforced restrictions apply.

Commonly stated, “Impaired is impaired”, and someone who is impaired poses a risk to self, other players, staff, equipment and property. To the best of its ability, Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort, (CHGR), will monitor the use of alcohol and cannabis on the course. Should a player enter the course under the influence, begin play, and continue to indulge on the course or in the clubhouse lounge and then leave the course property, the player assumes all responsibility for his or her actions, and the player agrees to hold the CHGR harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, costs, expenses and demands in respect of such loss, damage or injury, howsoever caused. The player agrees to indemnify and reimburse the CHGR for any liability, costs or expenses imposed by law upon the CHRC for any and all such losses.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages must be purchased at the course. All other purchased alcoholic beverages will be confiscated. Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort, (CHGR), reserves the right to inspect golf bag and carry-on coolers. Non-compliance regarding the Ontario provincial liquor license laws will not be tolerated and may result in loss of playing privileges and/or cancellation of membership or green fee with no refund.

No person shall consume alcoholic beverages to the point of impairment or intoxication. CHGR on course beverage servers, course marshals and bar staff are “Smart Serve” certified. They have the right to monitor alcoholic consumption and refuse an alcoholic beverage sale. Any player who becomes belligerent and refuses to comply with a server or marshal request will be reported to the Pro Shop. Further action may require the player to leave the course and return to the Pro Shop where arrangements will be made for a third party to escort the person off the CHGR property. Green fees for this player will not be refunded.


Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort respects and understands the federal law that smoking cannabis is legal in Canada. After giving due consideration to the subject of smoking cannabis on golf course property, it’s buildings, parking lots, in single or shared power carts and around other green fee players, members or guests, the decision is not to allow the practice unless the green fee player, member or guest has a valid medical certificate on his or her possession to prove the legality. Any person refusing to comply with the CHGR cannabis policy may be asked to leave the course property with no refund of green fee.